Compassionate Home Care

At Compkey Healthcare, we believe that when it comes to providing quality at home health care, compassion and patience make a world of difference.
Since 2014, our brilliant team of carers continue to work diligently to provide our Service Users the care they need with loving kindness, whether it be a 30 minute welfare check, help getting up and ready in the morning or 24 hour live-in care.

Compkey Healthcare Provides

Respite Care
Palliative Care
Dementia Care
Special Needs Care
Stroke Care
Cancer Care
Parkinson’s Care
Mental Health Care
Emergency Care
Disability Care
Live-in Care
Overnight Care
Please ask if you are unsure if we offer a specific service.

Our Values

Delivering high-quality care involves taking the time to listen to and communicate with the patient. This involves explaining their options, understanding how their beliefs might influence their decision, and respecting whatever decision they make. Ultimately, showing compassion is essential.
It is important for caregivers to have strong listening skills. This allows patients to talk about their feelings without worrying that they are being a bother.
Naturally, you will build close relationships with your clients, and it may be challenging if their health declines or they confront any other problems. However, if you can maintain strong and show positivity during these tough times, it can be contagious, empowering your clients to face their challenges more effectively.
A good caregiver sees the world through empathetic eyes, genuinely caring about the well-being of others. Empathy enables you to understand and connect with the feelings of others, and all good caregivers should possess this quality.
A carer shows they are committed by willingly taking on the responsibility, remaining dedicated – even on the hard days, and consistently providing care and support to those in their care. It’s much more than fulfilling an obligation; it’s about doing so with compassion and empathy.
Effective communication between our service users and their carers is crucial to the well-being and health of both parties. The client won’t be open to any changes in their lifestyle, unless they already have good communication established with their carer. Carers need to be able to properly communicate with Compkey Healthcare and vice versa.
Teamwork is an important part of creating effective, top-quality care and safety for our service users. It also plays an essential role in forming the work environment, job satisfaction, and well-being of the caring staff.
People thrive in consistency. Our service users are happier when carers can develop a routine that can be followed each time they provide care. Having a consistent routine means that carers are able to notice subtle changes from the service users that could signal poor health or a developing health issue.
In order to provide ethically sound care and ongoing development, you need Integrity. This integrity creates a positive impact in healthcare settings and forms a bond of trust between the service user and the carer.

Home Care vs A Care Home

Home Care
Care / Residential Home
Individualised, flexible, customised support
Fortifying relationships with carers
Reasonably priced
Specialised care for those with dementia
Encourages continuity of care
Better for health and wellbeing
Chances for socialisation
Have a routine
Get to stay in your own home
You only pay for the care that you need
You can keep your pets
Individualised, 1-to-1 care
Safety rules in practice
The client keeps their independence
Opportunity to go on outings with other people
of the same age
Less stressful transition
Regulated by CQC

Comments from our clients

Mr. B

“We have the best team we could ask for.”

Mrs. E

“Everyone is very nice and willing to help.”


“We love the carers and are really happy with the care being provided.”

Mr. A

“They are more like family now.”

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